The 6 Major Anticipated Games This 2016

Most Awaited Games Of 2016 We know that there’s only a month left for 2015 and before we know it, it’s already 2016! While 2015 was a good year for video games, the best games are yet to come.

Here are the lists of some of the most anticipated games this coming 2016. I’m pretty hyped about these games and you should too. Let’s get started.

1. XCOM 2

alien-153542_640XCOM 2 is undeniably one of the most awaited games next year, it’s a video game created by Firaxis Games and distributed by big companies like Feral Interactive, 2k Games, and Linux. Just like the first XCOM game, XCOM 2 is a tactic game; players can control as the commander. The game’s set is 20 years after the incidents of the first game where the entire humanity got defeated by aliens. In the newest XCOM 2, players are held responsible to give the orders and commands to the soldiers fighting against the aliens. XCOM 2 was predicted to be released: February 5, 2016.

2. Amplitude

Amplitude is a music video game by Harmonix. This is a follow-up to the preceding game, Frequency. In the newest game, the player operates a blaster ship (Beat Blaster) in a lane of tracks. Each track links to different instruments like bass, percussion, vocals and synth. The game Amplitude has four modes to play: online, multiplayer, remix and single. Compared to the first game, Amplitude has more music and has added several songs, including pop rock. There are no certain dates yet, but Amplitude is set to release in 2016.

3. Battleborn

star-clusters-74052_640Battleborn is a video game created by Gearbox Software, soon to be distributed by 2k games, Microsoft and PlayStation 4. Battleborn is set to feature twenty-five playable characters, each character containing different weapons and abilities. The game’s set is in space, where several species flew to a star named Solus. The fighters of Solus are called Battleborn and are set to fight the opponent, Varelsi. Battleborn is set to be released: May 3, 2016.

4. Street Fighter V

One of the most popular video games in the world, and a fighting game manufactured by Capcom. It is the fifth game in the whole Street Fighter series. The game is set to contain 12 characters and an addition four new characters to the game. Another new factor in this game is the “V-Gauge”; it builds as the player catches attacks then adds new techniques in the V-Triggers, V-skills and V-reversals. The Street Fighter V is set to release: February 16, 2016.

5. Final Fantasy XV

planet-914467_640An upcoming role-playing game created by Square Enix and is set to be distributed by Xbox and PlayStation 4. This is the fifteenth game in the whole Final Fantasy series. The game’s set takes place on a planet quite similar to Earth; it is divided in nations like Tenebrae, Solheim, Accordo, Lucis and Niflheim. Final Fantasy XV begins as a truce between Niflheim and Lucis is declared. Nilfheim betrays Lucis, and now Noctis (the playable character) is set to defeat Nilfheim’s army. There are no certain dates yet, but Final Fantasy XV is set to release in 2016.

10 Amazing FREE Games for iOS and Android Users

It’s no secret that one of the best features our mobile phones possess is the games. Android and iOS games have improved these past few years, and game applications are everywhere.

There are several apps that are really good, but the problem is, you have to pay for them. But no worries because if you’re looking for the finest games out there, both available for iOS and Android and FREE, then this list is for you.

1. Star Wars: Uprising

star-wars-751536_640Are you a star wars fan or just looking for an amazing game that contains amazing features? Then this game should be on your list. This is a role-playing action game created by Kabam and distributed by Disney Interactive Studios. This game is playable with 1-4 players, classes includes gambler, diplomat, smuggler, bounty hunter and rebel guerilla. This game has over 5 million downloads, worldwide.

2. Unkilled

If you’re looking for an action packed game fighting against zombies, then Unkilled should definitely be on your list. This game is created by Madfinger games and was nominated for People’s Choice Award for the ‘best mobile/tablets’ category. In the game, you are to play the role of Joe, a member of an organization called WOLFPACK. This game runs on a first-person perspective and is packed with awesome graphics to make the game feel realistic.

3. TwoDots

If you’re not the action type of gamer and just looking for a little bit of fun then Two Dots is for you. It’s a game created by Playdots, Inc. Unlike the first game Dots, TwoDots is improved with more series of campaigns, objectives and power-ups. And just like other games the levels continuous to unlock as the player develops more into the game.

4. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Are you a person with the love for cars and races? Then Asphalt 8: Airborne is the game you’re looking for. The game runs around your career as a racer and has over 170 events/races to be completed. The game takes place in several well-known places like Dubai, Great Wall, San Diego and many more. It also has a total of 117 different cars like the Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini and BMW Sedan.

5. Fallout Shelter

A game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, the game’s mission is to create, build and manage a fallout shelter. The player’s task is to assign and guide citizens to make them healthy and happy while providing them with food, power and water. As the dwellers stay in the shelter, they eventually turn into a helper to assist you with various tasks.

6. Flop Rocket

If you were to combine the space and flappy bird together, Flop Rocket would be the outcome. This game is created by Butterscotch Shenanigans. You are to fly your way into a cave while fighting space worms, space ducks while dodging from stalagmites and stalactites. You are set to improve your rocket as the progress with different stages.

7. Vainglory

Created by Super Evil Megacorp, it is played by 3 vs. 3 multiplayer. If you want to take your gaming to the next level, then Vainglory is the game for you. Not only it is jam-packed with theme fighting stages but you are also brought into an incredible world made with high quality, awesome graphics.

8. SpaceTeam

A cooperative video game by Sleeping Beast Games. The game is played with 2-4 players and played by flying a ship as pilots. Each player is assigned a different task to make the ship fly. If numerous mistakes are made, the ship will be consumed by a supernova and the game is over.

9. Subway Surfers

Just like the popular game Temple Run, this game is infinite and non-stop until you stumble or crash. In the game, you are to play the teenager running away from the inspector and his dog because you were caught painting graffiti on a railway site. To make it more fun, you are to collect rewards and coins while running.

10. Angry Birds Go!

If you were to smash Angry Birds and Mario Kart together, the result would be Angry Birds Go! It is produced by the same creators of Angry Birds, Rovio. It is the first 3D Angry Birds game and is either played by ‘tilting’ or ‘tapping’. The game contains different races like time boom, fruit splat, race, and versus.

Love Final Fantasy Tactics? Here Are 3 Alternatives!

1. King’s Bounty: The Legend

King’s Bounty is a long-running franchise that has delighted role-playing strategy fans on the PC for many years. In The Legend, players get access to a vast range of different character classes and an immersive hex-based combat system. The action in The Legend is spread across an enormous world of varied terrain in which players can fight monsters, talk to NPCs, explore jungles, and upgrade their equipment at many different shops.

Combat is where King’s Bounty: The Legend shines. Each battle plays out on a small hex grid where unit placement and movement have significant strategic consequences. The overall combat system strikes a great balance between simplicity and depth. It’s easy to learn, but truly mastering it takes a careful study. You control a strong force of knights, mages, and archers. You can also call on the special abilities of unique characters like robbers, capable of teleportation. As your characters gain experience in countless battles, you can enhance them by leveling them up and teaching them new skills.

In each turn-based battle, the environment around your characters plays a significant role. Natural obstacles and special hexes like graves and lava fields alter the strategy required to win. Each battlefield is different, and both deadly traps and hidden treasures await your characters.

While smart tactics are rewarded in the battles, the cost of the failure can be high. Losing characters will require expensive replacements, and retreat can lead to crippling losses. The AI in The Legend is brutally unforgiving. You’ll probably want to stick to “normal” difficulty unless you’re a seasoned veteran of tactical RPGs!

One notable weak point is the fact that your primary hero does not participate in battles. With the huge range of characters and forces available to you, though, this is less frustrating than it could be in a less wide-ranging game. Between its challenging turn-based combat, limitless customization options, and exploration-based adventuring, and King’s Bounty: The Legend is sure to command plenty of your attention.

Unfortunately, this game did not make it on our top 10 list for 2015. It’s only because we’re not in love with tactical games.

2. Grotesque Tactics

The tactical role-playing genre has grown robust enough to support some smart satire, and that’s the niche that Grotesque Tactics is famous for filling. Packed with slapstick humor and clever jabs at the conventions of tactical RPGs, this game doesn’t disappoint when it comes to gameplay. The core of the game is a well-developed strategic combat system; the funny storyline is just the icing on the cake.

Combat in Grotesque Tactics is based on a grid, similar to FF Tactics. You control a party made up of fantasy staples, including melee fighters, ranged attackers, healers, and mages. The campaign will pit you against countless monsters, offer you valuable treasures, and allow you to recruit eight different “anti-heroes” to enhance your team’s combat capabilities. Every unit in your party has two separate abilities, leading to some interesting “hybrid” characters who can fill two roles at once.

The course of a battle should be familiar to any FF tactics veteran. Melee units can attack adjacent squares while ranged units have a two-square reach. Non-attacking characters can be ordered to defend or wait, and potions and other items can be used for purposes such as health restoration. The characters have a unique mechanic: the “obsession meter.” This trait-based bar fills over time, unleashing potentially devastating attacks and special abilities once it’s fully charged. The twist is that these abilities are bad news for the rest of your party!

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics, and you’re looking for an irreverent take on the concept, you can’t go wrong with Grotesque Tactics. For experienced tactical RPG players, this game can be completed rather quickly; average play times are roughly 10-12 hours.

3. Wakfu

Wakfu has some strong connections to FF Tactics. It’s also published by Square Enix, although it’s a tactical MMORPG rather than a plain RPG. Its combat system and stylistic cues are very similar to Dofus, another online tactical multiplayer game. Players get to select characters from 14 different classes and take them through a beautiful, carefully-crafted world of forests, dungeons, and other landscapes. The square combat grid is filled up with a wide assortment of critters, monsters, and magical foes for you to defeat. Wakfu is playable as either a solo game or a multiplayer experience where you team up with friends online. It has an impressive guild system to allow long-term alliances with like-minded players.

The online features of Wakfu give it a certain kinship to ordinary MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. You can expect to spend plenty of time exploring, fighting, and learning new professions.

As noted above, combat takes place on a square grid. You maneuver your characters around and launch both melees and ranged attacks with a series of simple clicks. The multiplayer features extend beyond collaborative battles against the game’s AI; Wakfu also features challenging player-vs-player combat.

One of the strongest features of Wakfu is its incredible visual style. The game’s 2D graphics are crisp and polished, with a distinctly anime-influenced style. Combined with its carefully designed gameplay, the appealing aesthetics of Wakfu make it a must-play for tactical RPG fans.

The Very Best Video Games Of 2015

It is very hard to select the top 10 highest rated video games this year. 2015 is full of exciting and interesting names, from new and PC -gen exclusives to cross-platform entries, and from sequels to brand new IPs.
We’ll have a look at a lot of those, and we’ll achieve this in alphabetical order. The truth is, we will not even trouble with long intros.

Assassin’s Creed: Victory – The Creed release of the final important Assassin was a catastrophe in about every way possible. Maybe “Victory” needs to be retitled “Redemption” for 2015, because Ubisoft must knock this one from the park only to save face. On the other hand, the wonderful Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, so anything’s possible followed up in 2013 the lackluster Assassin’s Creed III. This time around, the streets of Victorian London will haunt.

Battlefield: Hardline – Cops and robbers replace soldier on soldier action in EA’s next big competitive shooter. From what I’ve seen of the game, the cops and robbers in question may as well be soldiers, however, replete with military-grade arsenal. Still, this might make for a nice twist on the genre. Maybe a clever developer could copy the formula a bit and come out with an Al Capone era game. Old cars and Tommy guns would be a nice change of pace.

Batman: Arkham Knight – The last match in the Arkham set, Arkham Knight, is the primary new-gen game in Rocksteady’s unbelievable foray to the Batman universe. It is also initially it is possible to drive the Batmobile. It makes me want to play through all the Arkham matches again in advance and seems amazing.

Below– Some of the very exceptional looking Xbox One exclusives. Below is being described as a challenging game full of savage battle and exploration. It is also a rogue-like with Perma death steeped in feeling. Studio Capy bara worked alongside Super brothers and has worked on titles like Super TIME Force to the fascinating Sorcery game, which makes Under more intriguing.

Bloodborne – There are not many games on this list that pique my hype as much as Bloodborne, the spiritual successor to From Software’s Souls games. The game is placed in a black, Gothic universe full of huge werewolves and shambling villagers. The fight is quick and ferocious, and new game play elements such as randomly generated dungeons assure to significantly change a recognizable formula while keeping the same, distinctive awareness of despair and challenge up.

Dying Light – Zombie Parkour could result in a good change in the over-drenched zombie genre. Expiring Light is an open world first-person shooter that offers more movement choices to players to rush in regards to town. The game also adds a night and day cycle, bringing out the really serious undead when the sun goes down.

Evolve – This competitive game matches a number of human players against a player-controlled creature. It definitely looks like one of the best efforts at this kind of asymmetric competitive play, although this is not the first time this theory has been deployed in a video game.

Game of Thrones – throughout this year will be released the remaining episodes of the Game of Thrones story game. The initial entry was fairly great, very much in keeping with the savage world made by George R.R. Martin. The art-fashion is very good, the voice acting strong, and members of the cast pop of the HBO show up here and there linking the occasions in the match to the larger picture. I am very much looking forward to what comes next.

Halo 5: Guardians– Another large entry in the classic Halo collection is 343 Industries’ second crack in a fresh Halo game. The fifth game in the set has already been inspiring some controversy because of its changes to multiplayer, but I am excited to see exactly what the programmer may find with for a new-gen Halo encounter.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – The sequel to the controversial, ultra-brutal, and ultra-bizarre Hotline Miami seems like it could be contentious and a lot more brutal this time around. I look forward to the superb challenge, the fantastic soundtrack, and whatever strange turns expect.

What exactly did I miss?

Some games such as the Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem seem quite awesome, but there is so little info out there right now if they will even release in 2015, there is no telling. We do not understand what they’re merely yet, although definitely a Call of Duty, as well as a Skylanders, will release.

And I Have little doubt that eventually, Valve will release Half-Life 3 on the same day The Last Guardian reaches the shelves. I can not keep track of every future video game that is promising.

The Reasons Behind Video Game Players Being Nerds

The question why video game players are nerds is one that pops up in online gamers forums, social networking sites and even in conversations. And although this question may be stereotypical and rude, there is no denying that a high percentage of video game lovers are nerds. The latter is a word commonly used in reference to persons who exhibit overly obsessive and intellectual behavior and lack social skills. From this definition, it is evident that nerds are neither athletic nor social. Many theories have been advanced as to why geeks love video games. However, to understand why nerds love video games, it is important to understand their behavior

For starters, nerds are anti-social beings that do not prescribe to certain societal norms. Therefore, more often than not, they find themselves ostracized. If you were considered a nerd in your teenage years or are considered a nerd, then you probably understand this better than anyone else. As a nerd, you were probably the least popular in your school. Most geeks use video games to escape from their harsh realities, where they are not considered pretty because their teeth are not straight, or they are not skinny enough. Video games provide them with a fantasy world where they can be whatever they wish to be without being judged or ostracized because of their physical features.

The opposite of a nerd is a jock, and while jocks are physical, nerds are intellectual. Therefore, jocks will enjoy a 20-mile run while nerds will fancy an activity that engages their intellect. Since most video games are complex and require a lot of thinking to navigate through, nerds will be more attracted to them. Games such as Call of Duty require the use of complex military strategies. It is for this reason that most video game players are nerds.

Sadly, life does not have a rewind button. Thus, when you make a mistake, you have to deal with the consequences. Unfortunately for most nerds, embarrassing social experiences are a way of life, and video games offer the perfect escape from these awkward situations. In a video game, if you get killed or make a mistake you can always push the rewind button. This pseudo-reality realm helps to ease stress and frustrations. Additionally, the excitement of playing a video game helps in overcoming the struggles of life, especially in this our digital age characterized by social media and zero privacy.

Although many of the people who love playing video games are nerds, video games are not for nerds only. On the contrary, we all go through frustrating and stressful experiences, and we all have different means of dealing with stress. While some drown themselves in alcohol, others take the healthier route of talking things out with friends or family. For nerds, due to most of them lacking social skills, playing video games is the best way of relieving stress and dealing with frustrating experiences. Finally, though mobile app games threaten to supersede video games, the latter are still as popular as they way when they were first introduced to the world.

Easy Snacks while Gaming

Those who like to spend every moment of their free time gaming tend to get hungry, even more so than the rest of us. Of course, they also struggle to pull themselves away from their favorite games and eat a solid meal, which can be a problem. Gamers usually prefer to grab a quick snack rather than stop playing in order to eat a full meal, and so here are some snacks that are easy to eat while gaming. Even though we enjoy food, it’s not the end all be all (gaming is), it’s not like we are interested in going to culinary school or anything like that.


One way to for gamers to go with their snacks is stuff that can be eaten with one hand. Chips, pretzels, and popcorn are usually the go-to snack, although gummy bears and any kind of small candy like M&M’s or fun-size candy bars would also work well. These types of snacks require little preparation and can usually be found in the pantry or bought by the bucket load on a trip to the grocery store. For the gamers that are looking for a healthier option that can be consumed quickly and easily, either nuts or raisins are a great choice.

Frozen foods are another snack option for gamers, as they will provide a little more sustenance, almost like a full meal. Among frozen foods, pizza rolls are likely a favorite option, as they can go in the microwave and be ready in a couple of minutes. Frozen pizza could also work, as it can mimic a full meal and comes in a variety of brands and toppings, creating plenty of options. Of course, most frozen foods aren’t all that healthy, if that matters, and many of them can be quite greasy, making it hard to grip the controller. But if gamers are real hungry and have enough napkins around, frozen foods would make a great snack.

Some gamers may want to snack on carbohydrates to give them the energy to play all through the night. To do this, a bagel is a great option, as it could almost pass as a full meal depending on what time of day it is. Fixing up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a couple slices of bread would also be a quick and easy snack to make that is somewhat healthy and can fuel a few more hours of gaming fun.

Finally, if games are looking for something nutritious, fruits and vegetables always make great snacks. There’s rarely much preparation involved with fruits and vegetables other than removing a peel, making them an easy and convenient option. For the gamers that don’t find these options all that appealing, fruits and vegetables can become a more acceptable option with the addition of hummus or dip to give it a little more flavor. If this is enough to make fruits and vegetables appealing to a gamer, then this may be the best option when it comes to picking a snack.

How I Looked After 4 Days of Straight Gaming

Admittedly I am a more then what some people call an extreme gamer. And since my life makes it possible to spend hours at a time playing Call of Duty, I usually do. I play against people from all around the world in battles both small and epic.

It was one of those epic ones that got me with some kid in France. I felt like I was being taunted by him, constantly challenged to take it a bit further, play for just one more hour. Looking back I realized now that it had to have been a team of kids in France that I was playing against, each taking turns to bring this old man down.

They almost got me too. The memories are hazy but looking back I think I left my seat in those four days a total of 20 times. Bathroom breaks mostly, but one time I dozed off and slipped off of the chair and onto the floor. I have no idea how long I laid there, but when I awoke, the game was still going.

A fellow gamer friend is the one who saved me. After 4 days of either no answer or frantic stop calling me calls he showed up at my house (the door was not locked, easier for the pizza guy that way) and literally pulled the plug on what at the time I thought was fun. I now look back at that time as a momentary slip into insanity.

After calming down and sleeping for almost 24 hours straight, I took a good look around and in the mirror and was scared straight real fast. My house looked like tornado had run through it. There were a few pizza boxes and evidence of one take out Chinese meal thrown on the floor around my chair.Among that were several empty soda bottles and dirty coffee cups.

Mine was even worse. I had not changed clothes one time, so just imagine how I good I smelt. My face was pale and sunken with a 5 day shadow that now needed a beard trimmer instead of a razor. My lips were cracked from dehydration and my eyes still had that crazy stare.

After taking very long shower, and making good use of those beard grooming tips (I decided to keep it, it made me look bearish) I got on the scale. Almost 16 pounds lost in just those few days. My gaming binge had left me a shell of my old self, broken and ashamed of myself for what I had done. And I hadn’t even beaten the punks in France.

Do I still play? Yes, you can’t keep an extreme gamer down for long. I kept the XBox but now I make sure that my sessions don’t go past 3 hours at a time and that I take at least a 12 hour break in between. This works for me, keeps me in the game, but not to the point where I am killing myself.

Effects of Staying Up All Night Playing Video Games

Although staying up the whole night long might not feel like the most destructive thing you can do, there are definitely some effects that action can have on you. While there may be some positive effects, such as high scores or….good gaming fun, really most of the effects that come from staying up all night are negative. Here are a few of the reasons most health nuts would caution against such a choice of playing video games instead of getting a good night’s rest.

  • Fatigue. Particularly if you have a job or schoolwork which needs to be done the following day, staying up all night staring at a screen is clearly not going to get your body the rest in needs. Ultimately, deprivation of sleep leads to a diminished ability to perform even simple tasks, and decreases alertness, both of which are important for being able to play video games well. Eventually, the staying up all night will catch up to you and cause you to play less effectively than if you were able to sleep for some of that time.
  • Weight Gain. Sitting in front of a screen often comes with other habits which are detrimental to the health. This includes chronic snacking, a docile lifestyle instead of an active one, and the sleep deprivation which can be its own contributor to weight gain. So if you are thinking that staying up all night might help you to become a big player in the gaming world, there’s a chance that you might just become, well…big.
  • frizzy hairGamer Head. Gamer headsets might be an excellent way to keep the game going, but they also have a really negative effect on the hair! Whether you have long, flowing locks or a short, spiky ‘do, the way your hair looks afterward might be scary. The friction and static electricity can cause some really funky frizzy hair! Luckily, there are resources which will help you find – which will help to put your tresses back into good working order!
  • Looking Older. Sure, spending too much time in the sun can make the skin appear blotchy and aged. But also, spending too much time playing video games instead of sleeping can give a person the appearance of being significantly older. Without sleep, it’s difficult for the skin to repair itself and the persons face begins to look lackluster with the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and fine lines.
  • Depression. Another result of sleep deprivation is often the inability to be aware enough to be present in social situations and conversations. This can lead to numbness of feelings, negative relationship effects, and lack of memory all things which can contribute to sadness and even lead to depression if too much of a habit of this is created. Also, a person who stays inside too much can be lacking in the healthy Vitamin D which comes from sun exposure, another factor which could lead to depression.
  • Impaired Judgment and Accidents. A person who is sleep deprived cannot think as clearly as a person who is well rested. Making poor decisions, even being clumsy and causing accidents is much more likely for a person who has been staring at a screen all night instead of staring at the inside of his or her eyelids. A poor night’s sleep can lead to impaired driving (similar to driving under the influence) and other types of accidents which would not normally be a problem for a person.
  • Health Problems. Although this isn’t likely to happen with sporadic nights without sleep, eventually chronic sleep loss may raise the risk for health problems such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Just like with anything, too much of playing video games all night can be detrimental to the health. In general, all health professionals caution against this type of behavior.

There are certainly reasons that video games can be useful when preparing for life. Hand-eye coordination, learning to think quickly, developing strategy and planning skills, and situational awareness are all benefits of video game playing. However, the detrimental effects of losing sleep can begin to lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, unattractive appearance, and a negative emotional disposition. In general, playing video games can be fun in small doses but when it causes an interruption in lifestyle, it may be time to re-evaluate playing habits.

Losing Weight for Gamers

When your main hobby and your passion in life is a sedentary activity, it can be tough to stay in good physical shape, and it gets even tougher when you decide you’d like to shed a few pounds.  Such is the situation that gamers often find themselves in, as they often times get wrapped up in something and don’t always find the time to eat right, much less get their daily dose of exercise.  But with a few minor adjustments, gamers can maintain their lifestyle and find a way to lose weight.  Here are a few tips that can help make that happen.


A big part of gaming is snacking; so one way to lose weight is to change the snacks you eat during long gaming sessions in order to cut down on calories.  Instead of eating a lot of fried foods and carbohydrates as snacks, start eating fruits and vegetables as snacks. (I just got a great small food processor to help slice up carrots to make it a no brainer!) There may be a downgrade in the taste department, but if you keep your focus on the game anyway, it won’t be that noticeable once you get used to it.  Eating apples, bananas, or even carrots with a bit of dip can give you the energy boost you need while playing, and they are much healthier than any finger foods you find in the frozen foods section.

Along the same lines of dieting is staying well hydrated.  Drinking water is important, especially for those that don’t get a lot of exercise, like gamers.  Slowly phase out soda and other sugary beverages from your diet during gaming binges, and replace them with water.  It’s a good way to start cutting down on calories, while also giving your body something that it needs to stay healthy.

Another issue that gamers often have is skipping meals.  By skipping meals, you’ll just be hungrier later in the day, making you more inclined to consume more and go after less healthy food options.  If a meal is going to be skipped at the expense of a gaming binge, make sure that it’s dinner.  If you skip dinner, you won’t grow as hungry late into the night before going to bed, especially if you’ve eaten both breakfast and lunch and have had a couple health snacks throughout the day.  If you follow this regimen, gaming can actually help you lose weight by assisting you in skipping meals, but only if you skip the right meal and do it in the proper way.

Finally, it’s vital that gamers find a way to incorporate exercise into their regular routine.  You don’t have to train for a marathon, but you do have to make sure you get some exercise on a regular basis.  The best way is to blend your gaming habits with exercise.  There are gaming consoles available, most notably Nintendo Wii, that include games involving physical activity without having to leave the comfort of your living room.  Even if these games aren’t your favorite, it doesn’t hurt to dedicate a half hour to an hour of your day to playing these games for the sake of your health.  Another method you can use is exercising in short bursts while you have down time throughout the day.  For instance, while a game is loading, do a few pushups or sit-ups, or even a little light weight lifting.  If you do something every time you have a free minute, everything will gradually add up over the course of the day and you’ll get an adequate amount of exercising done with minimal interference to your gaming.

No one’s claiming that it’s going to be easy, but a few minor alterations can help gamers live a healthier life, maintain a healthy diet, and lose some weight to get themselves in better shape without sacrificing their gaming lifestyle.  By committing to it and making a few simple changes, it can be done.

Image Credit: Flickr User TimLewisNM

Great Dieting Apps for Mobile Phones

It’s true what they say these days about there being apps for everything, and among the items for which there is no shortage of apps is dieting.  There is an almost unlimited number of options for mobile users who are hoping to lose weight, switch up their eating habits, or simply count the calories of everything they eat.  There are almost too many dieting apps to keep track of, but here are a few that stand out. Among diet apps that are free, Lose It! is as good as it gets.  It absorbs your personal information, as well as what you hope to achieve with your diet, and creates a daily calorie budget for you to follow.

From there, all you have to do is enter what you eat for every meal and any exercise you did, and the app will let you know how many calories you have remaining for the day.  The app comes armed with caloric knowledge for most foods, including many restaurants, and with many products you can scan the barcode and its nutritional information will be absorbed by the app.  If you’re serious about your weight-loss goals and don’t mind inserting information into the app several times a day, Lose It! is a great choice.

Another free app to consider is The Eatery.  Aside from merely tracking your meals, this app connects you with other users who help you out by rating the healthiness of your meals.  The Eatery essentially provides a support group in the form of other users with similar goals, which can help you identify any problems you may have with your eating habits and make the necessary adjustments.  It’s not necessarily the most conventional diet app, but it certainly has its perks. While not free, WeightBot is relatively cheap at $1.99, and is one of the simplest weight-loss apps available.  It won’t help in determining which foods you should or shouldn’t eat, but it’s great for tracking your progress.  All you have to do is enter your weight and the app will automatically calculate your body mass index.  From there, you can flip your phone in different directions and the app will show you a graph the weight you’ve lost, as well as the weight you still have left to lose.  It may sound a little complicated, but it’s quite simple and a rather neat tool for tracking the progress of your diet. One diet app that’s a little more expensive is Calorie Tracker Tap & Track, which costs $3.99.  This app has calorie counts and nutritional information for roughly 300,000 items and 700 restaurants.  It also enables you to track exercise information.  But what stands out about this app is that it allows you to view charts on weight, calorie intake, nutrient totals, and goal weight.  This is one of the more comprehensive diet apps around, with a multitude of features that helps you break down your entire diet and your weight-loss goals. One more app that’s free and worth checking out is Diet2Go.  This app gives you meal plans based off a specific diet of your choosing, such as a vegetarian diet or a low-carb diet. We just went vegetarian and got a few new knives too. (My other half just got me a great knife sharpener too.)  If nothing else, Diet2Go helps you to test out different types of diets to see what works for you, which can be incredibly useful if you’re just starting out on your diet and aren’t sure what to expect. There are countless other apps, both free and not free, that have many of the same features, as well as unique tools to help in weight loss.  If you’re hoping to lose a little bit of weight or want any help with your diet, and have a mobile device, it’s foolish not to give at least one of these apps a try to see if it can help.