Best Games for Hunters

We all know that there are tons of different PC games out there, and they each cater to a different subset of people. Some of these games are just good for getting your mind off of things and trying to get everything sorted out in your head, while some will increase your skills and allow you to become better at some of your hobbies. There are plenty of different games out there that can increase your skills at hunting, and they are not all hunting games. You would be shocked to see how much reflexes matter when you are hunting – or decision making under pressure.

When you’re out hunting and even more so when you’re trailing something good, you need to be totally hyper aware – and that is something that video games can really help with. They can heighten your senses, and help you focus on the important things while blocking out distractions. Here are the top 3 games for hunters that we’ve found.

1) Call of Duty Series – The call of duty games will allow you to “practice” shooting, but more importantly, they will help you making decisions under pressure. There is always a lot going on during games, and you need to focus on what matters when you are making the decision to make the decision correctly with all the relevant information at hand. The same thing happens in hunting, as there are many things to consider when you are hunting and looking around that matter, and there are also many things that don’t. The windspeed and direction matters because of your scent and your shot, the birds singing and squirrels chasing each other do not matter.

2) Angry Birds – Yes,the ever popular game with the birds is back, and it will make you a bit better at hunting. Once again, it will make you focus more, but it will also help with hand eye coordination and watching objects move – which is crucial when you are moving up on a nice bull elk that you are looking to take home with you. It will help you track a moving target better, which is great ┬áin those situations where you’ve spooked the animal but are still close enough to get a shot off. Even though the situation isn’t ideal and is not one that you should plan for, it’s great that you’ll have practice so you can have a bit of confidence in your shot if you do find yourself in that situation. It means that not all is lost and you’ll be ready for it if it comes.

3) Remmington Super Slam Alaska Edition – You didn’t think we’d give you 3 non hunting games to play during the off season, did you? Heck no! We know how badly you are missing the woods and the thrill of the chase when you’re out of season during the summer months, so we found the best hunting video game that will keep you yearning for the season. This game is great, and it’s set in Alaska so you’ll be able to get a good look (and shot) at some things that you normally wouldn’t see if you’re not from alaska.

Of course, these aren’t the only games for hunters out there that are great, so go ahead and look around. We suggest you check some of the hunting blogs first as they will have best reference for you. Some of our favorite hunting blogs are Hunting Insight, Rustic Man and The Will To Hunt.