Top Nerdy Sports

Even if you’re not a natural born athlete, or blessed with great size and physique, it doesn’t mean that you can’t excel in certain sports.  Perhaps basketball and football will be ruled out, but for those of us who are a little on the small side and considered by others to be a bit nerdy, there is no shortage of sports to play.  Let’s take a look at some of the top sports out there that are perfect for us nerds.


First off, there’s bocce ball, which is a fun game for anyone to play.  Yes, some will belittle it by saying that it’s just throwing balls at another ball, but it does require a certain amount of strength, coordination, and accuracy without the physical exhaustion of running.  Some might consider it more of a game than a sport, but there’s plenty of skill and strategy involved, giving us nerds a chance to excel.

Then there’s Frisbee golf.  This requires being outside and in a wide-open space, but it doesn’t force you to lug around a heavy set of clubs, and for smaller individuals who don’t have good strength or leverage swinging an actual gold club, this is a great alternative.  Sure, you might get some funny looks from people if you play it in a public park, but it’s a fun sport that requires some skill and attention to detail without being physically exhausting, making it perfect for nerds.

If you want something that’s a little more physical, but still a good fit for nerds, how about karate?  It helps to be strong and muscular in the martial arts, but more than anything, karate is about discipline, anticipation, and having a cerebral edge over your opponent, and in that sense it’s perfect for more nerdy individuals.  When doing karate, it’s not always about being the strongest, it’s about knowing how to use the strength that you do have.  It’s also about being quick and staying one step ahead of your opponent, which is something us nerds should be well accustomed to.

Along the same lines of karate there is fencing.  This can be dangerous, since there are swords involved, but it seems to be a sport that nerds flock to.  Jocks have boxing, wrestling, and MMA, but smarter people like to settle disputes the old-fashioned way, with a sword fight.  To partake, one will have to learn footwork and showcase good coordination, but with hard work and dedication it’s something that anyone can learn to excel at, even us nerds.

If the nerds out there want to try something a little more athletic, tennis is a great option.  There’s plenty of running involved, but usually only in short bursts and then there’s always a few seconds to catch your breath in between points.  It’s also not a contact sport, so that will be appealing to most nerds.  You will need to show some coordination and be able to hit the ball on the right part of the racket time after time, but placement can often beat power, making tennis a viable option for nerds who can run a little bit and learn the nuances of the game.

Image Credit Flickr User: Jenly