How I Looked After 4 Days of Straight Gaming

Admittedly I am a more then what some people call an extreme gamer. And since my life makes it possible to spend hours at a time playing Call of Duty, I usually do. I play against people from all around the world in battles both small and epic.

It was one of those epic ones that got me with some kid in France. I felt like I was being taunted by him, constantly challenged to take it a bit further, play for just one more hour. Looking back I realized now that it had to have been a team of kids in France that I was playing against, each taking turns to bring this old man down.

They almost got me too. The memories are hazy but looking back I think I left my seat in those four days a total of 20 times. Bathroom breaks mostly, but one time I dozed off and slipped off of the chair and onto the floor. I have no idea how long I laid there, but when I awoke, the game was still going.

A fellow gamer friend is the one who saved me. After 4 days of either no answer or frantic stop calling me calls he showed up at my house (the door was not locked, easier for the pizza guy that way) and literally pulled the plug on what at the time I thought was fun. I now look back at that time as a momentary slip into insanity.

After calming down and sleeping for almost 24 hours straight, I took a good look around and in the mirror and was scared straight real fast. My house looked like tornado had run through it. There were a few pizza boxes and evidence of one take out Chinese meal thrown on the floor around my chair.Among that were several empty soda bottles and dirty coffee cups.

Mine was even worse. I had not changed clothes one time, so just imagine how I good I smelt. My face was pale and sunken with a 5 day shadow that now needed a beard trimmer instead of a razor. My lips were cracked from dehydration and my eyes still had that crazy stare.

After taking very long shower, and making good use of those beard grooming tips (I decided to keep it, it made me look bearish) I got on the scale. Almost 16 pounds lost in just those few days. My gaming binge had left me a shell of my old self, broken and ashamed of myself for what I had done. And I hadn’t even beaten the punks in France.

Do I still play? Yes, you can’t keep an extreme gamer down for long. I kept the XBox but now I make sure that my sessions don’t go past 3 hours at a time and that I take at least a 12 hour break in between. This works for me, keeps me in the game, but not to the point where I am killing myself.

Great Dieting Apps for Mobile Phones

It’s true what they say these days about there being apps for everything, and among the items for which there is no shortage of apps is dieting.  There is an almost unlimited number of options for mobile users who are hoping to lose weight, switch up their eating habits, or simply count the calories of everything they eat.  There are almost too many dieting apps to keep track of, but here are a few that stand out. Among diet apps that are free, Lose It! is as good as it gets.  It absorbs your personal information, as well as what you hope to achieve with your diet, and creates a daily calorie budget for you to follow.

From there, all you have to do is enter what you eat for every meal and any exercise you did, and the app will let you know how many calories you have remaining for the day.  The app comes armed with caloric knowledge for most foods, including many restaurants, and with many products you can scan the barcode and its nutritional information will be absorbed by the app.  If you’re serious about your weight-loss goals and don’t mind inserting information into the app several times a day, Lose It! is a great choice.

Another free app to consider is The Eatery.  Aside from merely tracking your meals, this app connects you with other users who help you out by rating the healthiness of your meals.  The Eatery essentially provides a support group in the form of other users with similar goals, which can help you identify any problems you may have with your eating habits and make the necessary adjustments.  It’s not necessarily the most conventional diet app, but it certainly has its perks. While not free, WeightBot is relatively cheap at $1.99, and is one of the simplest weight-loss apps available.  It won’t help in determining which foods you should or shouldn’t eat, but it’s great for tracking your progress.  All you have to do is enter your weight and the app will automatically calculate your body mass index.  From there, you can flip your phone in different directions and the app will show you a graph the weight you’ve lost, as well as the weight you still have left to lose.  It may sound a little complicated, but it’s quite simple and a rather neat tool for tracking the progress of your diet. One diet app that’s a little more expensive is Calorie Tracker Tap & Track, which costs $3.99.  This app has calorie counts and nutritional information for roughly 300,000 items and 700 restaurants.  It also enables you to track exercise information.  But what stands out about this app is that it allows you to view charts on weight, calorie intake, nutrient totals, and goal weight.  This is one of the more comprehensive diet apps around, with a multitude of features that helps you break down your entire diet and your weight-loss goals. One more app that’s free and worth checking out is Diet2Go.  This app gives you meal plans based off a specific diet of your choosing, such as a vegetarian diet or a low-carb diet. We just went vegetarian and got a few new knives too. (My other half just got me a great knife sharpener too.)  If nothing else, Diet2Go helps you to test out different types of diets to see what works for you, which can be incredibly useful if you’re just starting out on your diet and aren’t sure what to expect. There are countless other apps, both free and not free, that have many of the same features, as well as unique tools to help in weight loss.  If you’re hoping to lose a little bit of weight or want any help with your diet, and have a mobile device, it’s foolish not to give at least one of these apps a try to see if it can help.