Cool Video Game Gadgets That Are Real

One of the reasons that video games are so fun to play is that you get to do things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to in real life. If I want to shoot aliens from another planet I can plug in Halo. If I want to know how it feels to be in the National Hockey League I will pop in NHL. It is one of the best creative outlets that exists and I am always fascinated by the creative people who develop new games. Perhaps what impresses me most is the different types of gadgets which are created. One of the exciting facets of any James Bond movie are the cool gadgets you think only a super agent would need. However little do you know that many of these gadgets you find in video games and bond movies sometimes actually exist in real life.

One of those gadgets that I first saw in a bond movie was a tactical pen. What looks like a very basic writing tool has a variety of other functions including the ability to be used as a self-defence tool. Now obviously the exploding pen with a killer laser that you might find in a video game or movie might be a bit far-fetched but having an indestructible tactical pen is as easy as going online and buying one. The tactical pens in real life have some pretty cool features too. Firstly, they are made of anodized aluminum which makes them virtually indestructible. Obviously for someone who is out in the field and needs to rely on their writing tools, this is extremely important. Despite being made of aluminum, tactical pens aren’t necessarily bulky though.

Tactical pens aren’t just rugged as they write extremely well too. Designed to work in both extremely hot and cold climates, you’re ink will never run in warm conditions and never freeze in cold conditions. Plus, it can write on pretty much any surface including something that is wet.

The “video game,” aspect of the tactical pen has to be the self-defence and emergency capabilities. A tactical pen will often come with a chiselled tip which can be used to pierce flesh in the case you need it. I like to carry the tactical pen with me on a daily basis so I have something with me in the case of an emergency situation. Plus, it can also be used to break glass if you ever get in an emergency situation or if you are a really cool secret agent like James Bond!