My 5 Favorite RPGs

Few things get a gamer’s juices flowing more than a good role-playing game.  In many ways, RPGs have become the most transcendent genre of video games, captivating so many of us, as they steal our imaginations and transport us to new worlds.  There are an almost infinite number of great role-playing games out there, and with every passing year they continue to get better.  The debate as to which is the best role-playing game is fierce and will continue to rage on for many years to come, but here is our pick for the top five role-playing games:


5. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction – It terms of pure fun, Diablo II is near the top of the list.  The game has great action, as well as the ability to play with up to eight different players side-by-side.  It can be played over and over again without it getting old, and that is why Diablo II is among the top RPG’s available.

4. The Mass Effect Series – This three-game series tells one of the best and most-detailed stories of any RPG, and that’s what separates it from the average role-playing game.  What also stands out about Mass Effect is the ability to play as the same character for all three games, which allows you to stay invested in the character and the world where he lives, and in the end that makes for a rewarding gaming experience.

3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The premise is quite simple, but the detail of the game are extraordinary and the possibilities are nearly endless.  It doesn’t get boring or frustrating after hours of game play, as time just seems to fly by.  It’s not always an easy game, but that doesn’t get in the way of a good time, as the main story is well constructed and quite enjoyable, which keeps the game fun and interesting for hours on end.

2. World of Warcraft – Popularity has to count for something; in fact, it counts for a whole lot, and in that respect, there are few RPGs that can compete with World of Warcraft.  WOW’s popularity is unparalleled, which is why it’s one of the pre-eminent RPGs of all time.  There’s seemingly no end to the game, which is why people keep coming back to it and why its popularity only continues to grow.  The past part of WOW is that it’s easy to play with friends, even if your friends are half a world away.

1. Final Fantasy VII – The Final Fantasy franchise has been around for over a quarter century, and there’s no denying that it’s a cornerstone of the RPG genre.  Many versions of Final Fantasy from one through six are quite enjoyable, not to mention influential to the entire world of RPGs, but Final Fantasy VII is undoubtedly the zenith of the series.  The game embodied everything that an RPG should be, and at the same time broke the mold for what RGPs could be, as it had vital importance in making RPGs popular with the masses.

On top of all that, it’s just an all around great game to play.  It’s certainly a challenging game, which is what makes it enjoyable and helps to keep your attention for hours at a time.  The characters are likeable, and the game play and combat system are superior to most RPGs.  When discussing role-playing games, the conversation has to start with Final Fantasy VII, which is why it tops our list.