The Reasons Behind Video Game Players Being Nerds

The question why video game players are nerds is one that pops up in online gamers forums, social networking sites and even in conversations. And although this question may be stereotypical and rude, there is no denying that a high percentage of video game lovers are nerds. The latter is a word commonly used in reference to persons who exhibit overly obsessive and intellectual behavior and lack social skills. From this definition, it is evident that nerds are neither athletic nor social. Many theories have been advanced as to why geeks love video games. However, to understand why nerds love video games, it is important to understand their behavior

For starters, nerds are anti-social beings that do not prescribe to certain societal norms. Therefore, more often than not, they find themselves ostracized. If you were considered a nerd in your teenage years or are considered a nerd, then you probably understand this better than anyone else. As a nerd, you were probably the least popular in your school. Most geeks use video games to escape from their harsh realities, where they are not considered pretty because their teeth are not straight, or they are not skinny enough. Video games provide them with a fantasy world where they can be whatever they wish to be without being judged or ostracized because of their physical features.

The opposite of a nerd is a jock, and while jocks are physical, nerds are intellectual. Therefore, jocks will enjoy a 20-mile run while nerds will fancy an activity that engages their intellect. Since most video games are complex and require a lot of thinking to navigate through, nerds will be more attracted to them. Games such as Call of Duty require the use of complex military strategies. It is for this reason that most video game players are nerds.

Sadly, life does not have a rewind button. Thus, when you make a mistake, you have to deal with the consequences. Unfortunately for most nerds, embarrassing social experiences are a way of life, and video games offer the perfect escape from these awkward situations. In a video game, if you get killed or make a mistake you can always push the rewind button. This pseudo-reality realm helps to ease stress and frustrations. Additionally, the excitement of playing a video game helps in overcoming the struggles of life, especially in this our digital age characterized by social media and zero privacy.

Although many of the people who love playing video games are nerds, video games are not for nerds only. On the contrary, we all go through frustrating and stressful experiences, and we all have different means of dealing with stress. While some drown themselves in alcohol, others take the healthier route of talking things out with friends or family. For nerds, due to most of them lacking social skills, playing video games is the best way of relieving stress and dealing with frustrating experiences. Finally, though mobile app games threaten to supersede video games, the latter are still as popular as they way when they were first introduced to the world.